The HCG Rapid Weight Loss Program

There are things in the HCG weight loss program that set it apart from other weight loss methods – it promises to drop one to a couple of pounds of excess weight off the body on a daily basis and it promises to do this without the hassle of exercises. The speed with which the program eliminates flab is viewed with incredulity by some. Getting rid of the exercise is doubly hard to take.

People’s idea of weight loss programs is not complete without the usual exercise routine. They cannot be faulted for holding firmly to this idea. Indeed, how is one to lose weight without sweating it out in the gym or the bedroom? The HCG weight loss program has a neat answer to this question. Instead of the tiring exercises you are to take the HCG hormone. This hormone has been proven years ago to accelerate the metabolic rate of the body, allowing it to go after stored body fats while attacking additional calories consumed.

To help the hormone accomplish the promised one to two pound of fats eliminated each day for 23 days, which is the duration of the program, is the HCG diet. Permitting only 500 calories a day, this diet is severely calorie starved that some health and fitness experts consider it unsafe. They surmise that dieters will most probably run out of energy and develop really serious health problems. Dieters, however, actually have no reason to worry about this much. The program has incorporated in the diet timeframe a three day period where dieters can indulge in all calorie-rich foods they like. This period makes sure that the dieter has ample source of energy to last the program. This also ensures that he does not lose muscles instead of fats in the process.

The diet is designed to do several essential tasks: (1) set-off the power of the hormone to speed-up the metabolism of the body, (2) Make sure that no excessive amounts of calories are consumed to allow the metabolic process to concentrate on burning fats already in the body, and (3) detoxify the body of wastes.

Dieters have no cause to fear they will have a hard time overcoming hunger fangs or food cravings. Aside from the beneficial uses already mentioned above, the hormone suppresses hunger fangs, which means dieters, can watch their figures shrink fast without suffering much.

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by Christy Taylor

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