The Best Way To Lose Weight And Exercise

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So you want to know how to exercise and lose weight because your current exercise regime isn’t doing anything for you. If you want an exercise program that will help you achieve your goals then you need a fast fat reduction program both in exercise and eating.

The reality is you can have one without the other. I mean if you eat 20 donuts a day no amount of physical exercise is going to help you so you need an eating program to supplement your exercise program.

Lets first deal with why your exercise program isn’t working. My hunch is that it’s the same program 4 or 5 times a week probably a lot based on aerobics. The problem with this type of program is that your body is used to it and is just storing body fat to protect your body. However a resistance training program of say 40 minutes two to three times a week will do your body more good and if each resistance program is different it will really put your body through its paces and start to change your metabolism so you burn body fat. You will then start to convert body fat into lean muscle and initially you might put weight on only because muscle weighs more. So for sure this how you can exercise and lose weight.

Coupled with this for maximum effect you should change your eating habits and get rid of all the foods that stop your body burning fat. This tends to be foods that once consumed turn into sugar in your body. An example of such foods would be orange juice, pasta, bread, cereals, yogurts and cheese to name but a few. However you can eat meats, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruit and rice to name but a few. So steaks and roast chicken are definitely is. The real sacrifice is in the pastas where you will have to convert to tasty rice risottos.

If you do what I suggest you can exercise and lose weight and whilst you might not be able to action the gym from your computer you can certainly get to grips with your eating plan and there is no reason you can’t do that today. Why delay be positive and help you body out now.

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by Xana Sexta

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