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Make a Weight-Loss New Year’s Resolution and Stick With It All Year Long

Losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions each year. We all start with great intentions but after a few weeks, we fall back into our usual unhealthy lifestyle and the weight we did lose creeps back on. Let’s take a look at what steps to take to make sure we still stick to our weight-loss resolution at the end of December.

Determine your “Why” and write it down.

Think about the reason why you want to loose weight. Is it to look better in a bathing suit for that vacation in July? Is it to be healthier and get your risk for heart disease and diabetes down? Do you want to be able to enjoy a more active lifestyle? Do you want more energy to play catch with the kids? Be as specific as possible.

Now take out a sheet of paper and write down your big “Why”.

Set and write down sensible weight-loss goals.

The next important tip to being able to stick to your weight-loss goal is to set a sensible goal to begin with. You shouldn’t expect yourself to loose more than 1 to 2 pounds per week. Look for a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator online to help you determine whether you are underweight, normal, overweight, or obese. The higher your BMI, the more weight you can expect to lose in the long run. If you are in the normal range, but feel that you should lose weight, you may not want to aim for more than 5 pounds. On the other hand, if you are obese, than losing 50 pounds this year may be a good goal for you.

I would also like to encourage you to consult with your physician before starting any weight loss program. He or she can give you an even better idea on a good goal for you.

Make a plan you can stick with all year long.

You know yourself better than just about anyone else. Most likely you’ve been on a diet or two (or more). So you already know what doesn’t work for you. You’ll be most likely to stick with something common sense making small changes that you can live with from here on. Eat healthier and consume fewer calories, but also get more active.

Set small goals along the way.

Look at where you are at now and at your goal for the end of the year. Now break it down into several small goals. You want to break your weight loss journey down into small chunks that seem more attainable. Focus on the first “mini” goal until you reach it and then move on to the next one.

Keep track of your progress.

Keep a journal and record what you eat and how active you are during the day. If you chase the kids around the yard for 20 minutes, record it. Writing these things down builds accountability. You’ll find yourself thinking, “If I eat that cookie, I’ll have to write it down. I better skip it”. Or if you haven’t been a couch potato all day, you may be motivated to take a quick walk around the block so you can jot it down in your journal.

Celebrate each small goal.

Remember those small goals you planed out? Make sure you celebrate each goal you reach – but not with food. Reward yourself with a new blouse, a manicure, or a good book. Pick something you truly enjoy. This will build some positive reinforcement that will keep you going until you reach the next goal.

Keep your “Why” in mind.

Don’t loose track of the big picture. Remind yourself daily of your big “Why”, the reason why you want to lose weight. Keep the sheet of paper with your reason for losing weight close by and read it every morning or every evening. This is another big motivator to keep you going all year.

Losing weight can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have a fair amount to lose and you are just starting out. Don’t let it intimidate you though. Take it one step and one pound at a time. Before you know it, it will be the December and you will be 5, 10 or 50 pounds lighter. I know you can do it!

How to Maintain Your Weight Over Christmas and Holiday

For all of us holidays, especially around Christmas is the season where we meet our family, friends and enjoy the time together. It is also the time when we tend to eat a lot, especially high calorie, high fat rich food items like pastries or meat based dishes. And then once we are done with the holiday, and get ready to return to our normal lives, we find a couple of pounds have been added to our weight. All this is primarily because of eating too much in a short span of time without any control. A lot of people face this issue of not being able to control their weight during the holiday season and end up starving or going on fad diets, which will only make them ill and weak.

Here are a few steps one can take to maintain their weight over Christmas and holiday seasons;

1. Routine
If one has been following a set routine pattern of eating during the rest of the year, they must try and maintain that during holidays as well. This means having breakfast or lunch at a fixed timing, which will reduce craving or hunger at odd times. Also they should monitor what they eat which will give them an idea as to what to cut down and what they can eat moderately.

2. Exercise
It is not possible all the time to work out when you are traveling during Christmas or holiday season. But one should opt to walk to the grocery store instead of taking the car or taking the staircase even if elevators are available. Any form of exercise will help burn the excess fat accumulated from eating all those rich food.

3. Experiment with food
A couple of weeks before your holiday begins start experimenting with food, try different salad dressings and see what appeals to your taste. Also try cutting down on meat and piling on vegetables, which is a good alternative to controlling your calorie intake.

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4. Lifestyle alteration
One should understand that maintaining their body weight is all to do with the kind of lifestyle they adopt. And when you are on a holiday and are having social gatherings or parties, watch the amount of alcohol you consume, as this will add to your calorie consumption.

What is important is to not worry about one’s weight, but stay active and enjoy the holidays.