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There are various reasons, why women tend to put on weight around the stomach. The common reasons are heredity, aging, weight gain, menopause and hormonal changes, etc. If you would like to lose a few pounds of belly fat naturally and without drugs, here are a few suggestions that may help you lose the fat.

1. One of the best ways to naturally shed the wobbling skin on your stomach is to cut down your alcohol consumption; if possible, stop taking alcohol entirely. In your efforts to lose belly fat, what you drink is as essential as what you eat. Daily intake of sweet alcohol and beer will worsen your situation no matter the number of times you do sit-up daily and try to burn off the fat using other techniques.

2. Monitor your diet. A poor diet is a major cause of belly fat. Stick to a diet high in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins such as fish and chicken. Avoid deep fried foods, refined sugars, fast food and junk foods as they add unnecessary calories that are harder for your body to process.

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3. Most of the people with belly fat assume that they should cut down their intake of carbohydrates. However, the fact is that carbohydrates are your friend, and you must consume them. Carbohydrates are good as well as bad. Food items such as refined flour, pasta, candies and cakes are examples of bad carbohydrates and are known to cause harm. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables are a rich source of good carbohydrates and also provide roughage for the digestive system.

4. Most people think that the truth is on the front of the box if they go shopping. They believe what they are buying is healthy. The front of the box has great sounding things like fat free, refined sugar, low cholesterol. The real truth is on the back of the box. An at first glance healthy looking item can be highly processed and full of chemical and industrially refined ingredients. Marketing and labeling can be misleading if you want to get rid of belly fat.

5. Crunches will only make your stomach muscles stronger rather than burn off the belly fat that envelops your abs.
There are several other natural ways you can get rid of that belly fat, and remember that healthy eating is an essential tip also.

6. Perform leg raises. They work out the lower abdominal muscles, commonly referred to as the “beer gut.” Lay down on your back with your legs stretched and a slight bend in the knees. Your hands should be at your side. Contract your abdominal muscles to lift your legs up about 6 to 8 inches off the ground and then gently bring your legs back down until your feet reach the floor. Start with three sets of five reps daily and then work your way up to 10 to 20 reps a day.

7. Fitness and bodybuilding magazines are promoting dozens of energy drinks and supplements. The ugly truth is that these magazines have stocks from these supplement companies. Sometimes the owner of the magazine is the owner of the supplement company as well, this is not objective information. Every fitness magazine that respects itself should promote water as the only healthy drink. Water does not contain any calories at all and your metabolism will work harder if you drink

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