Lose Weight Without All The Math

While trying to come up with new and exciting ways to try to lose some weight I had been browsing articles on the web. Whenever I see one that requires measuring, weighing, calorie counting and planning meals, it reminds me of filing my tax return and I get depressed and give up.

For me there has to be an easier way. I know from experience that I won’t carry around a calorie chart or write a journal of everything I eat gets me out of the mood almost immediately.

By a stroke of good luck I found a Women’s Health article by Paige Greenfield who had a lot of good ideas about losing weight. It was called Lose Weight Without the Math!


One of her suggestions was to sign up with a health management club that will set up meals for you. There are even places that will deliver meals to you that are already the correct calorie and portion size. Look for frozen meals that have less than 500 calories and have at least four grams of fiber, no more than 15 grams of fat (fewer than three grams saturated and no trans fat), and fewer than 700 milligrams of sodium.

I have seen the popular diets like the Zone, Atkins, or South Beach but I don’t want to take the time or bother to update percentages exchanges or ratios at every meal. It’s just easier to pay more attention in the grocery store. I have begun to take a few seconds to scan the labels for key ingredients. If sugar is around the top of the list I put it back. All sugar does for me is jack up calories, and send my blood sugar to a new level.

The better choice is making natural, whole foods the majority of the diet plan. That means more fruits and veggies, chicken, turkey, flank steak, pork chops, and fish. If the package says it has whole-wheat flour, oats, peanuts, and real fruit, in the first line of ingredients, it will be lower in calories and higher in fiber and protein.

Instead of weighing portions, slow down how quickly each meal gets finished. It takes the brain around 15 minutes to figure out that your stomach is full, so why not wait for it. Try putting the fork down between bites and chew each one longer, it’s a good bet that you will feel satisfied before loading up on seconds. If that doesn’t work, Plan B, is to choose foods that you have to work at to eat like bananas, oranges, pistachios in the shell, and spicy foods.

The simplest thing that I have done is just cutting all my portions in half and taking the time to enjoy what I eat. Then I increased the exercise I get every day and it helps.

Jeffrey Mason (WCN)

Article Source: http://www.articlesphere.com/Article/Lose-Weight-Without-All-The-Math/248139

by Jeffrey Mason

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