Lose Weight With This Five Day Eating Plan

Considering so many diet programs and suggestions that can be found currently, it can be nearly impossible to determine what gets results and what is all hype. One option that has garnered a good deal of attention today is the 5 day weight loss diet. This program gets fast results, which is pretty much what everyone is looking for these days. The approach behind this method is that it can provide you a head start on their weight loss plan. If people are able to notice results quickly it could help people more encouragement to continue on and achieve weight loss.

The 5 day eating program is a particularly strict alternative, exactly what you need you are going to lose weight in just 5 days! This is an idea of what it’s all about:

1. Have breakfast right after you get up in the morning, don’t wait longer than 30 minutes, eat a small amount of a starchy food like toast or eggs.

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2. Eat lunch no later than 1:00 p.m. Include some lean protein like beans or a steak and a lot of vegetables. A mix of vegetables is the best way to go.

3. Eat dinner must be eaten before 20:00 and should be the same things you had for lunch.

4. Have snacks that are ‘hard’ vegetables. Things like carrots, or celery are good choices. These will slowly release sugar over a period of time which will keep your metabolism boosted.

Naturally, there are many opinions as to whether or not this type of diet actually works. Most of us know that if we want to lose weight we can’t starve our bodies since that will only send it into ‘starvation mode’ and slow the metabolism way down.

When you consider this fact it sounds like this diet won’t work, and many people say that is the case. Any weight you lose will only be water weight and the weight loss won’t be permanent.

That may not be a drawback if you are looking to lose a few pounds so that you feel better. For a quick weight loss a few pounds of water weight may be all you are looking to accomplish.

Another way of looking at it is even if you have a lot of weight to lose, it could possibly still help you with some much needed motivation by losing weight in merely 5 days. If you can reach that it might make your longer term goal to lose, 25,50,or even 100 pounds appear more manageable and might just be the head start that you want.

Some will say that if you blend this pretty strict diet solution with a less restrictive one that you can actually ‘trick’ your metabolism into burning more the whole time.

Remember that your body will take time to adjust to the restricted calorie intake. If you only do it for five days and then immediately go back to a more normal caloric intake you may be able to prevent it from going into starvation mode in the first place.

Regardless of which approach you choose for losing weight, whether it’s the five day weight loss diet or something else entirely, just remember that permanent weight loss is attainable and you will feel better and live a longer life.

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by Randy Taylor

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