Lose Weight In Your Face And Be More Beautiful

People are busy losing weight for the summer. More and more people consider confident people look much better in their daily life, but it is still better to have good shape and beautiful face.

For many women, being called chipmunk cheeks, or fathead should be upset. But don’t take it personally, and don’t be disturbed by this. If you are not fat indeed, then there may be chances are that you are only one of people who puts your first ten pounds on your face. But you can change the situation. You can try to lose weight in your face and be more comfortable and confident about your looking.

Here we find some tips for you to lose weight in your face. You can try for them, and you will find them useful.

First, you may need to lose weight in your body. If you are over-weight, it will be much easier than losing fat in your abdomen than in your face. You have to plan your meals, make it contain more fruits and vegetables, drink more water, and do more exercises at the same time, so that you can lose weight and build a good body shape.

New Balance

If you’re beginning to lose weight you need to work out how many calories you consume on an average day. It can be quite shocking to discover how much you’re eating which is why it’s always useful to make a note of everything you eat over a certain period. Once you have a benchmark you can then work on reducing your average intake.

Second, you have to pay much attention in your meals. Here are some rules.

Cut back on salt in your meals. The fancy word for water retention is edema. My word: bloat. Salt makes you retain water, and since your face likes to retain, the water goes there. So cut back on salt and see what happens. You’ll get a double bennie if the salt you eat is via a regular diet of high fat chips.

Reduce medications in your daily life. Some medications can contribute to water retention. If you’re on prescription drugs, you’ll have to check this option with your physician. But if you pop over-the-counter meds, put up with the runny nose for a few days, and see what happens.

Third, wear the right hairstyle. A right style can make your face look different. Talk to your stylist about haircuts that slim; you can even be blunt and say you need help finding hairstyles for fat faces. Your stylish should be able to help.

Or, well, if you think this tips are too troublesome, and you don’t want to take them. There are other ways for you to get to the same result-to wait our faces do thin as we age. You will get a chance to meet your cheekbones after all–you’ll just have to wait a few years longer than the general population.

Meanwhile, may I suggest that you practice loving yourself just exactly as you are, chipmunk cheeks and all!

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by Sharon Clara

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