Fast Ways To Lose Weight – 7 Shredding Tips

There are many ways one can lose weight drastically, but most of these will have some serious long term effects on the human body. One will end up feeling weak and malnourished, and it would be very easy to contract many viruses and illnesses as well. Below are some weight loss tips for free that can help you complete successive small losses over a period of time to reach your desired weight loss goal.

1. Eat regular meals and be sure not to skip breakfast. 4 or 5 small meals evenly spread out through the day will speed up your body’s metabolism burning the food you eat instead of storing it as body fat. Do not eat seconds. This balance will give you more energy and assist you with home weight loss tip

2. You need to include fresh fruits (not fruit juices) and vegetables in your diet everyday. You can have cut fruits with yogurt, vegetables in the form of salads (without dressing), soups and broths in your diet. You can also have boiled fish, dried fruits and nuts, milk, lentils; low fat versions of butter and cheese, in your diet. Including fiber in your weight loss diet is a must.

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3. Decide how many calories you have eaten throughout the day. You can use a food journal to record your meals including the amount of calories for each. Use the journal daily and review it regularly.

4. Eat five times a day. I know how that sounds, how can you lose weight fast if you’re eating more often than normal? The trick is to eat small meals more often so your body process the food for energy and doesn’t have as much to retain and digest in one setting. Eat fruit for breakfast, snacks and lunch and something light for dinner. The fruit has a lot of water in eat and helps you feel full and helps flush out your system.

5. Exercise more. This is the most dreaded part of weight loss for most people but if done correctly can be most fun and enjoyable. Simple activities such as walking, riding a bicycle and swimming can go a long ways to further up your metabolism and increase your stamina. Set aside (schedule) 2 or 3 times a week to do this for 20 to 45 minutes. Involve a partner, your spouse, a close friend or even your pet.

6. You may not be aware but, drinking water is also considered as one of the best way of losing weight. Water helps in quick metabolism which leads to fast burning of body fats. On the other hand, drinking adequate amounts of water also helps in detoxifying body which indirectly helps in making skin look fresh and smooth. Therefore, you must have 8-10 glasses of water everyday. Do not substitute drinking water to sodas, fruit juices and coffee.

7. Purchase and eat the low-calorie foods in your kitchen/pantry such as microwave popcorn without butter (add garlic powder for flavor), a piece of fruit such as an orange, or a few celery sticks with a small amount of almond butter.

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by Zechong Cai

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