8 Tips to Lose Belly Fat Naturally

Everyday thousands, probably millions, of such people are looking for the hidden ‘fat loss secrets’ which will help to magically transform the body and restore back that flat abdomen! Its bad enough if you want to choose a diet and stick to it, but what if your after some specialised weight loss tips – such as wanting to know how to lose belly fat for example?

1. The aerobic exercises help to burn fat as well. When you start with an exercise routine you will see one of the areas, you will see rapid fat loss is around the stomach. Among the exercises to lose stomach fat are also walking exercise and running and jogging as well. Bodyweight exercises, like push ups, pull ups, etc. and strength training are also known to be effective in trimming tummy fat. However, it is best to talk to your health care professional and have an appropriate exercise program designed for you.

2. Find a diet that works. Cutting your calorie intake and replacing processed foods and sugars with raw fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will quickly help melt away body fat. Opt for a diet that is balanced in healthy fats and carbohydrates and avoid diets that completely cut out important nutrients like no-carb diets. Cutting out essential nutrients and fibers only causes you to have more cravings as well as sets you up for a blood sugar dive. Do not cut your food intake below 1,500 calories. Especially if you are exercising regularly. This only sets you up to regain the fat around your belly when you finally realize that you can’t stay on that low of calorie diet.

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3. To lose fat naturally cut back on your sugar. If you like sugar in your coffee or cereal, try an artificial sweetener. Try different sweeteners to find which ones suit you best. I use a certain sweetener for hot beverages and cereals and a different one for cold foods and beverages. Sounds a little strange I know but you can taste the difference so give it a try. When you have a snack attack, eat a piece of fruit instead of a sugar saturated piece of candy or soda.

4. Fatty Foods – fat equals fat. Fats and oils are the highest calories food and will simply convert into body fat. Avoid saturated fats and trans fats. Here is a list of good fats: fish, nuts, seeds and olive oil.

5. Most of us have a tendency to skip meals in order to lose weight. However, skipping meals does not really help, as soon as you eat after a skipped meal, you tend to eat much more than you regularly eat. It is commonly observed that people skip their breakfast, which is very unhealthy. Studies have shown that people who have regular breakfast tend to pile less weight as compared to people, who skip breakfast. Remember breakfast is the most important meals of the day, hence should not be skipped. Divide the three meals, that you consume into six. Having small meals at regular intervals helps to keep the metabolism working at its best.

6. Avoid the diet pill trap. Diet pills and other supplements that claim to burn belly fat are not always the best option. These pills cause your body to rely on the pill to burn to increase your metabolism instead of your body’s natural abilities to increase the process. If you lose the weight naturally (which is very possible to do without the pills) your body will learn healthy fat burning habits for the future. Additionally, many supplements and fat burning pills can have harmful substances that can raise your blood pressure and cause blood sugar problems.

7. Get up and move. To lose belly fat you need to exercise. I recommend the Bender Ball. You can pick one up online for the price of a couple lattes so don’t waste your money on expensive infomercial gimmicks. It works great and is fun to use. You can also do belly crunches or just walk.

8. Chose lean protein, as most of it converts into muscle once it’s processed (especially for men) before it has a chance to turn into fat. Here is a list of good sources of lean protein: white fish, chicken ( NO SKIN), lean red meat, pulses and low-fat dairy products.

Author is an online researcher on natural weight loss. Nutritionist. Click read more on how to lose belly fat, how to effective lose belly fat.

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by Zechong Cai

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