Healthy Way of Losing Weight

The success of weight loss programs relies on healthy diet and physical exercises done regularly. Eating healthy diet and regular workouts enable to lose weight on a long term basis. Losing weight should be done on a slow and steady pace rather than relying on the diet pills and fad diets, which actually are good only for a shorter period of time and bounce with weight gain after a certain period with lot of side effects. Eating healthy foods is the ideal way to loose weight.

Positive steps towards eating healthy foods and reducing weight at the same time:

Having a breakfast is a very important meal of the day, as it starts the day with some nutritious meal. Breakfast provides the necessary energy for the whole day and keeps the metabolism moving. Having a healthy breakfast will keep you away from unhealthy snacking or binging during lunch time. It is good to have a breakfast which is of a small portion with good amounts of protein and fiber, so that it keeps you filled until lunch time. High fiber foods are very good for the reason that they are not rich in calories and they pass through without being absorbed by the body.

While taking foods, it is good to check the calorie value and fat content of the food. Also, one needs to eat meals regularly, otherwise it might lead to binge eating. Small and frequent meals consumed daily keep people to have control over their diet and to be sure of what they eat. The meal pattern chosen should be ideal for the lifestyle of the person. However, meals have to be eaten at least three times a day without fail.

Fiber intake is the best way to loss weight and they are available in two forms, one is the soluble form found in the beans and oatmeal, the other is the insoluble form found in the vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Both the forms are good, as the soluble form lowers the cholesterol in the body while the insoluble form adds bulk to the diet. Fibers swell in the stomach, giving a feeling of fullness to the person. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide the necessary vitamins and minerals to the body and curb the urge to eat more.

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Drinking enough amounts of water is very good to the body. It is very much needed to regulate temperature regulation of the body and to add viscosity to the blood. It is also a natural hunger suppressant. Drinking ice cold water helps to heat up the body and aids in burning up to 400 calories a week. Amazing isn’t it?

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Healthy eating with fruits and vegetables

Dietary experts recommend that every person should eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. The importance of fruits and vegetables to a healthy diet has been known for quite some time, but studies have shown that very few people eat the amount of fruits and vegetables recommended for a healthy diet.

That’s a shame, since eating a sufficient number of fruits and vegetables just may be the single most effective thing you can do to improve your overall health. The five a day approach to healthy eating may be the single most important strategy you can adopt for a healthier lifestyle.

The many health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables have been established for quite some time now. Study after study has shown that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables lowers the risk of certain cancers, heart disease and other chronic diseases and conditions. Some studies have suggested that as many as 35% of cancer deaths can be attributed to diet, and that diets high in fats and low in fruits and vegetables contributes to unnecessary cancer deaths.

Fruits and vegetables have a lot of advantages besides just their nutritional importance. For one thing, they taste great and add a great deal of variety to everyday meals. Fruits and vegetables come in such a wide variety of colors, textures and flavors that they can be used in virtually every meal. Those seeking to maximize their consumption of fruits and vegetables should get into the habit of using fruits in salads, as toppings and as garnishes.

In addition to their great taste, fruits and vegetables are packed full of many essential vitamins and minerals, including many micronutrients that are not included in packaged vitamin supplements. For instance, foods like butternut squash, pumpkins, carrots, mangoes, peaches, pawpaws and green leafy vegetables are rich in beta carotene. Beta carotene is vital for healthy skin and eyes.

In addition, most varieties of fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C, another important vitamin and a strong antioxidant. Good sources of vitamin C include Brussels sprouts, citrus fruits, strawberries, broccoli, nectarines and kiwi fruit. Many fruits and vegetables, including spinach, broccoli and avocadoes, are also good sources of vitamin E, another excellent antioxidant.

Men and women alike should always strive to eat a healthy diet, but women have an extra incentive to get all the nutrition they need. Proper nutrition is essential to a healthy pregnancy, and some of the baby’s biggest nutritional needs happen before the pregnancy is discovered. Folic acid is perhaps the best known essential nutrient for pregnant women. Folic acid has been proven effective at preventing a variety of birth defects, including Spina Bifida. Good dietary sources of folic acid include Brussels sprouts, broccoli, spinach and oranges. In addition, due to its importance to women of child bearing years, many common foods such as cereals and breads, are supplemented with folic acid.

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In addition to their importance as source of vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables also provide essential dietary fiber. Adequate fiber in the diet is important in preventing heart disease and some kinds of cancer.

Another great feature of fruits and vegetables, especially to those watching their weight, is the high nutrition, low fat, low calorie nature of these foods. Fruits and vegetables contain very low levels of fats, and a diet low in fat can be quite effective for long term weight loss. In addition, fruits and vegetables contain no cholesterol, and they are lower in calories than many other types of foods.

With all these things going for them, it is no wonder so many dietary experts recommend eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Not only are fruits and vegetables delicious and nutritious, but they can be quite inexpensive as well. Buying fruits and vegetables that are locally grown, and that are in season, is usually the most cost effective way to get the freshest fruits and veggies at the lowest possible cost.

This buying strategy also helps to ensure a steady stream of new fruits and vegetables every month, as some go out of season while others are just coming in. Trying a variety of different fruits and vegetables, including some you may not be familiar with, is also a great way to create exciting new dishes and prevent yourself from becoming bored with the same old diet. Whether your goal is to lose weight or just increase your level of fitness, it is hard to go wrong with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

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Give Your Body the Anti-Aging Nutrients it Needs

We all know that taking care of our bodies will help us to live longer and enjoy life more, but sometimes it seems like such hard work! At every restaurant and grocery store, we find food that tempts us to eat, eat, eat, and forget about things like fat and calories and sugar. What we need to do is take things like fat, calories and sugar in moderation along with a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals, in order to keep our bodies healthy and combat the aging process.

It’s good to remember, too, that every grocery store and almost every restaurant offer us delicious, healthy, nutrient-packed alternatives to the jelly doughnuts and double cheeseburgers we crave! The next time you go shopping, add some healthy choices to your grocery cart; things like berries, leafy greens, veggies, lean meat, whole-wheat bread, and low-fat dairy products.

Sometimes, even if we are trying to eat healthy foods, our diet doesn’t provide us with the amount of vitamins and minerals that we need. This is when we need to look to vitamin supplements. There are a number of anti-aging vitamins on the market, and one of them is right for you. If you need some help deciding which anti-aging vitamin you should buy, ask a pharmacist or your doctor. Your doctor can also tell you if you should be taking a multi-vitamin along with your anti-aging supplement in order to make it more effective. If you have always thought that vitamins were only for older people, give them a second chance! You’ll feel energized and healthier if you make them part of your daily routine.

The types of foods we eat and the vitamins we take are very important in providing our bodies with anti-aging nutrients. But there is another important part to the anti-aging strategy: exercise. This may actually be the most important part, because when you exercise, your body is able to process and use all of those healthy foods and supplements you have been providing it with. Exercise not only makes anti-aging vitamins more effective, it helps to burn extra calories and fat that your body has stored up. If you currently don’t exercise, just start with simple activities like walking for five or ten minutes a day. Once your body gets used to this, you can walk for longer, or add another activity such as bicycling, aerobics, yoga, or swimming. Exercise will help you feel healthier, and will slow your body’s aging process.

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Getting a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast, like any other meal of the day, needs proper planning. No longer is it planned independently of the other meals. The three meals should be planned as a unit and balanced against the daily body requirement with enough allowance for good health.

A light breakfast must necessarily be followed be a substantial meal, while a heavy breakfast must be followed by a light lunch. If both breakfast and lunch are light, then a heavy dinner is needed.

Like all meals, breakfast must be planned to include food nutrients not provided for or inadequately found in the two other meals to complete the essential body requirements for the day.

Too often, skimpy breakfasts are blamed in lack of time. Considering that one-fourth to one-third of the day’s requirements is served at breakfast, the need for planning ahead is doubly justified.

Breakfast mean to break the fast of several hours.

The factors affecting the nature of the breakfast menu will depend upon age, sex, weight, health, and kind of activities of the individual family members. Other factors to consider are the amount of time allotted for its preparation by one or several family members, or by a hired helper and how light, moderate, or heavy other meals are intended to be. Family custom may have to contend with all of these, although strictly speaking, this must not prevail upon the more important factors.

Breakfast should always include a raw fruit because this contains more vitamins and minerals than cooked ones. Fresh ripe fruits have a rich mellow aroma that can stimulate even the most delicate appetite. It should be taken as the first course of the meal for the same reason.

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Fresh eggs are good breakfast food because they are rich in complete protein, fat, iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A & B, and niacin. They are also easy to prepare and digest. They can be fried, poached, soft-cooked, hard-cooked, scrambled, or prepared as an omelet.

Rice and other cereals are the main fuel contributors in breakfast. Rice is cooked plain or sautéed in small amount of fat and garlic. Corn broiled and buttered is a practical American way that can be adopted anywhere where corn is available.

Milk is the almost complete food and is welcome at any meal. At breakfast, milk is popular as a beverage or taken with coffee, chocolate, oatmeal, and other cereals. Milk should be bought from sanitary and reliable sources. Fresh milk is safer if pasteurized before serving.

Breakfast breads may be in the form of rolls, buns, loafbread, biscuits, waffles, or hot cakes. Breads can be toasted and served with butter or fruit jam like strawberry. Waffles, hotcakes, and French toast are good for heavy and substantial breakfast. Rolls with butter and jam, jelly, or marmalade are suitable for heavy breakfast, too, especially if taken with a heavy protein dish and chocolate.

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Get Your Vitamins Naturally When Possible

There’s no doubt that there are times when supplemental vitamins are a good idea, but the best way to get your daily requirements of all vitamins is to consume them naturally. The problem is that most people don’t eat enough of the right foods to get all the vitamins needed to keep your body healthy.

One of the strikes against getting the right vitamins through diet alone is time. It simply takes time to stop for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Another is the sheer availability of fast food. Most people are filled with the need to grab something to eat on the go.

Arguably the biggest strike against eating right is simply habit. We tend to grab a package of chips instead of an apple or banana for a mid-morning snack. A donut and coffee could easily be replaced by a muffin and fruit juice or milk, but we tend to crave those less healthy foods. Take a minute to consider some sources of vitamins that could easily be part of your daily food intake. You may be surprised at easy a few substitutions could be.

• Orange or apple juice instead of one soda a day. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you develop a taste for the juice. With this one change, you’re greatly increasing your intake of Vitamin C, needed to keep your immune system healthy. Not only that, apple juice provides a pick-me-up very similar to the caffeine rush some people look for.

• Bake it, broil it or eat it raw. We tend to fry so many foods – including the popular potato. Instead of French Fries at your next meal, choose a tossed salad or baked potato. Unless counting calories is an issue, slather on the dressing or sour cream to make it more appealing. The bottom line is that baked or raw veggies are generally higher in vitamins than their fried counterparts.

• Breakfast cereals are often fortified with vitamins – even those “good” cereals. Choose foods fortified with vitamins instead of those “empty” calories to help get the vitamins you need to keep you going throughout the day. Manufacturers are meeting the demands for “food-to-go” with cereal bars and other nutritious foods that are rich in vitamins.

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At the end of the day, most people simply don’t eat right. If you measure the intake of vitamins over the course of a typical day, you’ll probably find that you’re not getting all the vitamins you need. When that’s the case, find good vitamins in the form of tablets, chews or other supplements as the next step.

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Get Ready For Bathing Suits

Summer is quickly approaching, and I for one want to be out and enjoying the nice weather as soon as it begins. If you are anything like me, than the winter months always take a bit of a toll on your body. Inspite of my strongest efforts to stay in shape and to not gain extra winter weight, it seems that the cold wins out and too often I choose to curl up with a good book rather than jump on the treadmill for a run. With summer officially comes the season of bathing suits, and I am finally ready to kick it into gear and prepare myself.

If you are wanting to get into some bathing suits within the next few weeks, then here are some simple things you can do to prepare yourself and your body. And don’t worry, I’ll be doing them all too. First, drink water. Drinking water is one of the best ways to purify and cleanse your body, but it also does great things to your skin. No one wants to put on a bathing suit and look ashy and dried out. Try adding a few extra glasses of water each day and you will see improvements in your skin and also a reduction in your appetite. The more water you drink, the less your body craves other things.

Another important way to get ready for bathing suits is to get moving. Regardless of what excuses we all had during the cold winter months, it is too nice out now to not get outside and get active. Go for a brisk walk or at least get into your garden and be moving. Anything you do is better than nothing. Try to get active for a half hour at least four times a week. Exercise is good not only for your bathing suits but also for your heart and your overall health.

Watching what you eat is one the biggest keys to getting ready for bathing suits. We all know by now that sodium intake makes us bloat and retain water, so try to cut down on sodium especially in the days before you want to get out in bathing suits. Also, trying adding as many fruits and vegetables as you possibly can into your diet. They are really healthy and really low in fat. Substitute fresh fruit smoothies for other tempting desserts and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your bathing suits.

Get your bathing suits out of the closet and hang them in a place you can see. Let them motivate you to drink water, get moving, and eat better. In no time you’ll be ready to slip into your bathing suits and show off.

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Get mentally fit for weight loss

There are literally thousands of diets and weight loss systems throughout the world; pills, shakes, soups, fads, carbohydrates, calories, fats, sugars, you name it. They are all available to you in the interest of helping you lose weight, change your body shape or size or changing the way your body feels. What most people don’t realise that they all pretty much have one thing in common. You need to change your mental state before you can make any of them work!

Yes, you may find it a surprise but pretty much 99% of people looking to lose weight have actually subconsciously “chosen” the state their body is in. At the end of the day, YOU alone are responsible for putting the fried chicken in your mouth, YOU are responsible for NOT going for a walk this morning and, most importantly, YOU are responsible and have control of your thoughts, emotions and motivation.

Changing your mental state will help you change your physical state, as the old saying goes “you have to change what is on the inside to change what is on the outside”. Many people don’t actually give a lot of thought to what is going on inside, about how they are stopping themselves from doing things and how they can make changes (small or large) that will create a positive difference in their lifestyle.

Find out what pain you have to break through to create more pleasure within your body and your mind. Not physical pain, but mental pain. What is it you have to deal with in order to remove the excess baggage (weight) you carry around with you?

When you find out what is holding you back from making changes in your life, body and diet, you will find that dieting no longer becomes about food and exercise, it becomes a lifestyle. With the right mental changes you will find that you CAN drink wine, go out for dinner and eat cheese, ice-cream and chocolate, however you must also use balance and thought and consume only in the right moderation.

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Everyone has the ability, motivation and power to make almost any change positive and successful. Tapping into your mental state, deciding to make a few changes and acting out these changes is what will make all the difference!

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Get A Slimmer Body – Weight Loss Program Advice

Do you get frustrated with your body, most especially your heavy weight? Do you wish that you have Jessica Alba’s svelte frame or Katie Holmes’ lithe body? Well, while some people are incredibly lucky to have been born with these kinds of physical attributes, or a hyperactive metabolism that prevents them from gaining weight despite whatever they eat, the majority of us have to constantly look out for our body. If we don’t discipline ourselves enough, avoiding scrumptious glazed donuts for example, it is likely that you will soon be needing a weight loss program to shed off unwanted pounds.

1. Nutrition And Fitness

Aside from dieting, a person who is seeking to have a successful weight loss program should have some knowledge about nutrition and fitness. First, start with your overall attitude, not just towards food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Think about your everyday habits and your everyday routines. Is it something that constitutes as what fitness and diet experts might consider healthy?

2. Maintain Dicipline

Going through a weight loss program requires you to have enough discipline and patience because some people would like to shed off the pounds in as little as a month but that’s just not a healthy weight loss program. Well, yes, you can eliminate a couple of excess pounds in a limited time, but it’s not good for you in the long run. Your body will go into shock because it will think there isn’t enough food in your environment, meaning it will end up storing more fat, and that will make losing fat even harder. So never deprive yourself food.

3. Avoid Eating Disorders

Never totally deny your body food and water. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day as well as healthy meals. And while anorexia is denying the body food, bulimia is characterized by excessive eating then binging. Both are known to be deadly, and you should know that neither are proven methods. There is a huge difference between weighing less pounds and being healthy.

4. Weight Loss Regimens

People who are under a weight loss program, even while they’re still at the start of their weight loss regimen, need not put themselves down further by insisting that they’re ugly just because they are fat or even just a little bit overweight. Such poor self-esteem could lead to further damaging yourself. While having a weight loss routine, it is best that you keep a positive attitude and never set goals that are too unrealistic for you to achieve. Everyone has his or her own way of being able to gain or lose weight. Some have faster metabolisms than others while other’s weight loss progress may actually take some time. Either way, it’s best to stick to a weight loss program that would not only be able to make you look great but will also make you healthy. There’s no point in having a great outer appearance if your stomach walls are bleeding due to ulcer or if you’re suffering from fainting spells because of food deprivation.

Dieting and weight loss with water

5. Work Together!

– Ask around like friends, family members or colleagues what they did
– Consult a registered dietician
– Enroll in a nearby gym or fitness center
– Quit smoking and don’t drink on a regular basis

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Gained Excess Weight During This Past Christmas?

Many people can answer to the affirmative when it comes to this question. This is because statistics show that weight gain is a problem that continues to plague approximately 40% of the local population and kills almost 500,000 people every year every year. This is not to mention the loss of economic productivity to the tune of billions of dollars that is a direct result of being overweight.

Obesity is a medical term that actually means that the body has accumulated enough body fat to become a health. Obesity is measured in BMI or body mass index which is a measure of one’s weight in relation to their age and height. A BMI of over 25 is considered overweight and there are many that can attest to being well over this figure since last Christmas.

There are various ways one can gain weight and you can identify with some of these reasons. One reason is indulging in high calorie diets without exercising enough. Fast foods are usually the culprits in many cases. The fast food epidemic is not about to abate and affects millions of people especially in the West. This is because more and more people are finding that they do not have enough time to buy groceries and even cook and therefore have only fast food restaurants to turn to. While many fast food restaurants have vowed to reduce the amount of trans fats that they use to fry their foods, nevertheless fast food meals continue to have excess calories and have been major culprits in the obesity epidemic.

Sometimes it is not just fast foods. It can be ordinary home cooked meals whereby people indulge in a lot of high calories foods and snacks and then spend a lot of time watching TV. This has also been a major reason for obesity especially when it comes to the younger generation. Buying food without checking their calorie levels can also cause people to be obese. Then off course there are those with a genetic makeup that does not allow them to burn enough fat to stay trim. If these people in turn indulge in unhealthy eating habits, then obesity can result.

If this is you, then don’t lose hope. There are ways you can cut down on excess weight starting today. The first step is to get education. The USFDA-operated website, gives excellent advice on different diets and foods and these can be extremely helpful. You can now know what to buy when you are out grocery shopping or at a buffet or a friend’s house for a cookout.

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Searching the Internet for the right diet plans also helps. There are many diet plans out there and you can check which one fits what you want. Some even allow for periodic deliveries to your house so you do not have to miss a meal at all. And off course you can research on the best exercise regimen for you as well.

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Fruit and Vegetable Diet: Tips on how to make it fun

We are often told: for better health we should eat 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. The reasons for this are convincing enough, better health, anti-aging, improved fitness and a host of others, but like anything else we need to know just how to a fruit and vegetable diet, staying on it and making it fun and not boring.

Many factors do determine one’s success at eating such a diet that involves a high amount of fruits and vegetables and being the very basis of the dietetic lifestyle emphasized in the drugless fraternity, let’s go over the proper methods applicable based on years of research and experience on just how to eat these substances for optimal health.

Fruit and Vegetable Diet: How to eat your Fruits

1. First eat whatever is in season till you are satisfied. Wait ten minutes and treat yourself to 7-10 medium sized dates, wait 10 minutes and eat a stalk of celery or a leaf or 2 of plain lettuce.

2. Try to stay calm and immobile as much as possible after eating sitting upright for 10-15 minutes. (Although laughter does aid with digestion, of course when undertaken in moderation)

3. Do not eat acid fruits except for tomatoes after 2 pm on any occasion, not even their juices. They are best assimilated in the earlier part of the day.

4. Wash all fruits thoroughly (plain dishwashing liquid may suffice) but be careful to not have them sitting in the soapy water so long as to absorb the suds, wash briskly and rinse right away. Then immerse or soak in drinking water to ensure that you don’t consume tap water. Of course this is not necessary for bananas.

5. Do not store fruits in the fridge or where they are covered, let them breathe as much as possible.

6. Limit yourself to 5 oranges a day, if need be for that many and let your taste buds judge for you.

Fruit and Vegetable Diet: How to eat your Vegetables

1. Rinse your leafy vegetables under cold running water and re rinse with drinking water.

2. Don’t use soap to wash them because by nature they will absorb the suds which you might end up ingesting.

3. Store them in a clean plastic bag that you should pick up from the stores where you purchase them fresh.
4. Leave a little breathing space for the leaves by not sealing the bag shut.

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5. Keep them in the fridge and pull out say 20-30 minutes before use.

6. For root vegetables all needed is the brief rinse and peeling before they are cooked in drinking water without salt.

7. Vegetables are best saved for night times, although they are powerful cleansers, they are not as proactive as fruit and thus would give you a much calmer sleep, not unless you have done a fast of a few to several days and are breaking it with fruit.

8. Try to consume leafy veggies within 5-7 days after purchasing them from the store.

In adhering to the suggestions listed above and with a wise combination of this dietetic lifestyle, proper exercise and mental attunements, you are well on your way to achieving bountiful health, improved fitness and longevity.

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